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Plantar reflexology: the unsuspected virtues of a Millennial Medicine

Réflexologie plantaire Genève

Do you know about plantar reflexology? This natural medicine offers invaluable help to all those who seek to find a beneficial balance, as well in their body as in their head.

What is foot reflexology?

Born over 4000 years ago , & nbsp; The plantar reflexology is alternative medicine, used in addition to traditional medicine. Derived from many medicines including Chinese, it is still not widely used in Switzerland, and for those who have integrated it into their care path, it is frequently a matter of relieving stress. However, it has many unknown benefits!

What is it?

This is a foot massage technique. It is based on the theory that each part of the body is connected to a specific point in the arch of the foot. These areas are called “reflex points”.

Depending on the symptoms manifested by the patient, the practitioner will therefore stimulate one or the other of these points by a pressure massage of the fingers. The goal is to act on painful or problematic areas of the body. It is therefore a completely painless practice, even if your feet are particularly sensitive!

Benefits for body and mind

Is Foot Reflexology Only For Stress Relief? In reality, its virtues are numerous and affect both the physical and psychic spheres.

  • Find your well-being and a state of relaxation;
  • Reconnect to your body, your sensations;
  • Fight against stress;
  • Strengthen your immune system;
  • Facilitate lymphatic drainage and intervene on water retention problems;
  • Relieve joint pain;
  • Sooth menstrual pain, etc.

You can also ask for the help of a reflexologist to relieve more psychic suffering, such as the lack related to the cessation of tobacco, alcohol or drugs. In addition, foot reflexology can help you better manage your emotions.

In addition, although these consultations are not intended to treat cancer or other serious pathologies, they allow better endure the side effects of treatments and improve the quality of patient’s life.

In welchen Fällen ist es besser, auf die Fußreflexzonenmassage zu verzichten?

Wenn die Praxis dieser Naturheilkunde auf die größtmögliche Anzahl abzielt, gibt es jedoch bestimmte Situationen, in denen es vorzuziehen ist, einen Fußreflexzonenmassage-Termin abzusagen oder zu verschieben:

  • Sie befinden sich im ersten Trimester der Schwangerschaft;
  • bei Ihnen wurde gerade eine Herzerkrankung diagnostiziert;
  • Sie litten kürzlich an einer Venenentzündung;
  • Sie haben ein Trauma an Ihren Füßen erlitten.

In which cases is it better to give up foot reflexology?

If the practice of this natural medicine is aimed at the greatest number, there are however some specific situations in which it is preferable to cancel or postpone a foot reflexology appointment:

  • you are in your first trimester of pregnancy;
  • you have just been diagnosed with heart disease;
  • you recently suffered from phlebitis;
  • you have suffered trauma to your feet.

Find better sleep

Many people around the world are taking advantage of the benefits of plantar reflexology to find a better quality of sleep .

The relaxing and de-stressing actions of the body provided by this technique first of all improve the terrain leading to insomnia. In addition, just like in Chinese medicine, plantar reflexology questions the relationship between the subject and his environment . Lack of sleep or difficulty falling asleep can reflect disharmony. The latter can prevent the patient’s vital energy (Qi) from circulating in the body, leading to nocturnal or premature awakenings, and late fall asleep.

At the beginning of each appointment with a foot reflexologist, an interview takes place allowing the practitioner to better target the type and reasons for insomnia. It is this discussion that will allow him to better target the reflex zones of the foot , and adapt the sessions to the patient’s profile.

Can you lose weight with plantar reflexology?

The long struggle that weight loss represents can push men and women to indulge in the most drastic diets, most of them doomed to failure sooner or later.

However, there are many ways to support yourself during a period of food rebalancing. The goal of plantar reflexology is to encourage, if not rapid weight loss, at least a return to balance and inner peace.

What are the effects of foot reflexology sessions on weight loss?

  • Reflexology can act on transit and digestive difficulties. It also promotes the elimination of toxins and fats by stimulating lymphatic drainage.
  • Plantar reflexology aims to support the body towards a return to balance, or homeostasis. It can thus support the patient towards a return to his equilibrium weight .
  • Moreover, by acting on stress and the management of emotions, the practitioner thus helps his patient to limit snacking and food intake motivated by certain negative emotions, such as anxiety, nervous fatigue or sadness.

And you, have you ever practiced foot reflexology? What benefits did you get from it?



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