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Feuille Ylang Ylang 2
Huile Essentielle Ylang-Ylang Bio & haute Qualité - L'Arbre Blanc Suisse

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” Relaxing, calming, bewitching

Ylang-ylang essential oil gives off a wonderful scent, whose calming, soothing and hypotensive properties are at least as interesting as its aphrodisiac properties.

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The story of Ylang-Ylang begins with a tragic romance. Indeed, it is said that in the Philippines, a little girl was born that the gods baptized Ylang. He was forbidden to touch another person. Growing up, the beautiful young girl fell in love with a young man. The latter took the pretext of offering him a bouquet of flowers to succeed in touching him. As soon as their fingers met, Ylang transformed into a wonderful shrub covered in flowers. As for the young man, desperate, he continues to call his beloved: Ylang, Ylang …

This is how, according to legend, the Ylang-ylang flower was born. She is native to the Indian subcontinent, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. But, at the beginning of the 20th century, the French colonists introduced it to the tropical islands of the Pacific and the Indian Ocean (Madagascar, Mayotte…). It is harvested all year round, and especially between June and October during the dry season. The essential oil which is extracted from it is a delight for perfumers, who know better than anyone its bewitching fragrance and its aphrodisiac power.

84 in stock

Fleur Huile Essentielle Ylang Ylang



Ylang-ylang essential oil is very well tolerated at all ages, as long as its use in pure form on the skin is limited. In inhalation or massage, diluted in vegetable oil, it offers an effective remedy against nervous tension, pain, spasms …

It can also be useful in hypertension or tachycardia due to stress.

84 in stock

Feuille Ylang Ylang 2
Huile Essentielle Ylang-Ylang Bio & haute Qualité - L'Arbre Blanc Suisse


A well-being oil to relax and relieve yourself

The main indications of Ylang-ylang essential oil relate to anxiety and stress. Calming and relaxing, we use it in an inhaler to benefit from its perfume of paradise, or we simply breathe it in a handkerchief. It is the essential oil of letting go. Thanks to its action on the autonomic nervous system, it allows women in particular to remedy hypervigilance and hyperactivity.

If you suffer from spasmodic pain in the stomach or lower abdomen, you can dilute 5 drops of Ylang-ylang in a massage oil. The relaxation it brings relieves physical pain related to stress in particular. Combined with another pain-relieving essential oil (Gaulthérie, Black Pepper, etc.), it enters into the composition of SOS treatments in cases of neuralgia, renal or vesicular colic, pain related to the tendons, etc.

Hair, skin and aphrodisiac tonic

The calming properties of the essential oil of Ylang-ylang have a counterpart: this “flower of love” is known for its invigorating virtues, in particular for the skin and the hair. Diluted in your shampoo or moisturizer, it will also give them a sweet floral and exotic scent!

Ylang-ylang, thanks to its both relaxing and invigorating qualities, is considered one of the most aphrodisiac essential oils for women. It is used in massage on the lower back, diluted in a vegetable oil, or pure. In the latter case, care should be taken not to exceed a few drops.

84 in stock

We select for you organic and high quality essential oils.

From the plant to the preparation, we are committed to a quest for excellence in all stages of the creation of essential oils.

The result of a meticulous selection, the objective is to offer you a “nectar” in each bottle.

“Each essential oil is a sensory journey which must  reveal the treasures of nature. “



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