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Huile Essentielle de Lanvande Fine

Lavender Fine
Essential Oil

10 ml

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” Powerful and fragrant, lavender essential oil is a ray of sunshine for your body and mind.



“Lavender is the soul of Provence” Jean Giono

Under an azure sky, in the middle of the scrubland, thyme and broom, lavender delivers an olfactory “treasure”. Intoxicating scents that rub shoulders with the mistral, bees and cicadas.

In Provence, the legend of the “Lavandula” fairy is told . The day she admired the arid landscapes of this region, she began to cry. Her tears purple colors came to tint the landscapes of this region, and were linked to the blue of the sky, like two lovers. It would be thanks to her that lavender came to settle on these lands.  

Between legend and truth, fine lavender now finds its place among the most used essential oils. With a simple scent capacity, with calming or anti-spasmodic properties, it is a must have at home.

35 in stock

Huile seule



Used by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, it has been known since antiquity for its many therapeutic virtues.

In the 13th century, lavender began to be transformed into essential oil for therapeutic purposes. It is in particular thanks to the French universities of Marseille and Montpellier and their development that lavender is at the heart of university research in order to extract its active ingredients.

Medicines around the world also use it. Tibetan Buddhist doctors use fine lavender to remedy certain mental disorders. As for Indian Ayurvedic medicine, doctors use it in the case of depressive states.

Lavender essential oil is particularly recommended for the following symptoms: eczema, anxiety, anxiety, panic, stress, chapping, crevice, burn, cut, migraine, headache and insomnia

35 in stock

Pot de lavande
bouteille et carton


Fine lavender to take care of your health

When applied to the skin, the essential oil of fine lavender is a powerful antispasmodic, as well as a muscle relaxant. In the case of a cut or burn, it is healing and allows faster skin regeneration.
The essential oil of fine lavender is also soothing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic It helps relieve skin discomfort, and is a good remedy against pimples.
For states of nervous agitation or stress, the essential oil of fine lavender is particularly recommended. Indeed, its hypotensive, calming and balancing properties of the nervous system make it possible to find a state of serenity.

The essential oil of fine lavender for its well-being

In olfaction, diffusion or cutaneous application, the essential oil of fine lavender is soothing and an anti-stress. It has relaxing effects and allows relaxation, deep sleep, and calms the nerves.
As a regulator of the nervous system, fine lavender essential oil is also sedative and anti-depression. It is a physical but also psychic purifier. It rebalances the body and allows you to find harmony.

Beauty and essential oil of fine lavender

Thanks to its soothing and restorative properties, it softens irritated skin and relieves sunburn. It is a powerful skin regenerator.
Fine lavender is also recognized for its purifying virtue. It repels insects and lice, and helps maintain healthy skin.

35 in stock

We select for you organic and high quality essential oils.

From the plant to the preparation, we are committed to a quest for excellence in all stages of the creation of essential oils.

The result of a meticulous selection, the objective is to offer you a “nectar” in each bottle.

“Each essential oil is a sensory journey which must  reveal the treasures of nature. “



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