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Feuilles de Basilic Tropical
Huile Essentielle de Basilic Tropical

Tropical Basil
Essential Oil

10 ml

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” A jewel of nature

From Asia to the West, via the Middle East, basil has traveled through the centuries thanks to its many virtues and properties.



Originally cultivated in India over 4,000 years ago, tropical basil then spread across Asia. This plant originally dedicated to the Indian gods Vishnu and Krishna, also took hold of Egyptian and Eastern cultures. The mummification processes included basil, thanks to its antibacterial and therefore preservation properties. Even today, basil remains sacred in India and is not eaten as a food. In Africa, basil is still used as a magical plant to ward off bad luck.

94 in stock

Bouteille Huile Essentielle Basilic Tropical



Used by the Egyptians, Greeks, and Hindus, basil has been regarded for millennia as a “magical” and sacred plant.

In Greek, basil has a strong symbolic name, it means “royal plant” (basilikon). 

History shows that cultures already used basil for its multiple health properties.

For the Hebrew people, tropical basil was the remedy for muscle spasms. For Dioscorides, a famous Greek doctor, he recommended its use in case of scorpion stings. The Middle East preferred it against urinary tract imbalances. Since the thirteenth century, it has also been recognized for its balancing virtues on the mind.

94 in stock

Feuilles de Basilic Tropical
Huile Essentielle de Basilic Tropical


Tropical basil essential oil, health benefits

The essential oil of tropical basil is particularly powerful in case of muscle spasms, but also to fight against aerophagia, nausea and bloating. In case of pain due to osteoarthritis, or rheumatism, the essential oil of tropical basil is strongly recommended for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. Finally, it is particularly effective against mycoses and fungi.

Wellness and essential oil of tropical basil

For periods of acute stress, or in case of nervous spasms and tensions, the essential oil of tropical basil is a powerful calming agent to favor. Its sedative action helps to fall asleep, and also help against insomnia problems. The most anxious people can also have recourse to the essential oil of tropical basil, as well as in case of temporary anxieties. It can also have a tonic action, and thus be of great help in the event of great fatigue.

The essential oil of tropical basil in the service of its beauty

The essential oil of tropical basil is rich in vitamins A and C. Thus, it helps stimulate the immune system and therefore fight against acne problems. It is particularly indicated for limiting the appearance of pimples, but also helps to make them disappear. It is suitable for all skin types to limit tightness and reduce signs of fatigue and stress on the face.

94 in stock

We select for you organic and high quality essential oils.

From the plant to the preparation, we are committed to a quest for excellence in all stages of the creation of essential oils.

The result of a meticulous selection, the objective is to offer you a “nectar” in each bottle.

“Each essential oil is a sensory journey which must  reveal the treasures of nature. “



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