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Fleur Geranium Rosat Bio
Huile Essentielle Geranium Rosat L'Arbre Blanc Bio & Haute Qualité

Rose Geranium
Essential Oil

10 ml

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” Antibacterial and regenerating

Powerful antibacterial, the essential oil of Geranium rose is a hymn to the beauty and health of the skin.

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Originally from South Africa, the rosat geranium, or bourbon geranium, found its place in all the gardens of the world, especially in Europe, as early as the 16th century. The word geranium comes from the Greek “geranos”, which means crane, due to the pointed shape of its fruit reminiscent of the beak of this bird.

It is cultivated for the beauty of its green and serrated leaves, and its delicate white, pink or red flowers. But also, and above all, for the incredible treasure it contains: an essential oil produced from its flowering tops. This gives off an intoxicating scent of rose , the immediate effect of which is to bring back a smile to those who breathe it. However, the essential oil of Geranium rose contains many other secrets …

89 in stock

Fleur Geranium



Rose Geranium essential oil is rich in ketones and monoterpene alcohols. It has very low toxicity, which allows it to be used both in massage, diluted in a vegetable oil, as pure on the skin, in inhalation, or even orally.

Its great harmlessness allows it to act on many disorders: cuts, bacterial or fungal infections, skin conditions, period pain, hormonal or nervous imbalances, etc.

89 in stock

Fleur Geranium Rosat Bio
Huile Essentielle Geranium Rosat L'Arbre Blanc Bio & Haute Qualité


Geranium rose or bourbon, essential oil for the skin

In the first place, we recognize many properties that are useful for the health and beauty of the skin. Powerful antibacterial with astringent and tonic properties, the essential oil of Geranium rose acts as well on wrinkles as on skin firmness, acne, dull skin or redness. Calming and soothing, it is recommended for dry skin as well as oily skin or sensitive skin. It helps soften irritated skin and mucous membranes, and provides real relief in the event of yeast infection.

It is therefore used in the manufacture of many cosmetics: “rosat” ointment for the lips, softening hand cream, anti-wrinkle active ingredient, acne cream, etc.

She breathes balance

Inhalations of essential oil of Geranium rose help to restore nervous balance and instill good humor. It acts against nervous fatigue, irritability, stress, and even depression. Children from the age of 6 can benefit from its soothing and invigorating virtues.

The essential oil of the feminine

In addition to its antibacterial and antifungal action, which make it effective against many ailments, the essential oil of Geranium rose is a privileged treatment for intimate pain in women. Very well tolerated by the skin and the body, it can be applied both to the epidermis and to the mucous membranes. It soothes emotional disturbances related to hormonal upheavals of premenstrual syndrome or menopause. It destroys the germs responsible for many urogenital ailments. It soothes the pains of the rules and the hot flashes of the menopause.

89 in stock

We select for you organic and high quality essential oils.

From the plant to the preparation, we are committed to a quest for excellence in all stages of the creation of essential oils.

The result of a meticulous selection, the objective is to offer you a “nectar” in each bottle.

“Each essential oil is a sensory journey which must  reveal the treasures of nature. “



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