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Huile Essentielle de Litsee Citronnee Bio Suisse

Litsea Cubeba
Essential Oil

10 ml

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” Bewitching and relaxing

Lemon Litsée soothes body and soul with its powerful scent of flowers and citrus.

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This tropical shrub of Asian origin has been used for thousands of years. Brought back from India, Vietnam or China, the lemon bedding soon conquered Europe, and even North America. In Rome, the priests of Jupiter use it to clean their altars, while the Gallic druids and shamans across the Atlantic use it for their ceremony.

Its scent would allow in particular to drive away evil spirits …

86 in stock

Bouteille Huile Essentielle Litsee Citronee Verveine Exotique Bio


litsea cubeba ESSENTIAL OIL

Also nicknamed “exotic verbena”, the lemon bedding is a small, round and delicate flower, the hue of which varies between pale yellow and orange-yellow. Its scent, above all, sets it apart: lemony, floral, fresh and intoxicating …

This is also one of the major uses of Lemon Litsea essential oil: both powerful and fresh, it eliminates bad odors. Dilute it with a moisturizer or vegetable oil to overcome excessive sweating. In addition, it is one of those oils that we readily use in diffusion, to cleanse the room of a patient, or create a relaxing, soothing, or even studious atmosphere.

Do you want to make your own deodorant? Add 30 drops of Lemon Litsea to your mixture of oils, waxes and baking soda. Its effect is immediate and lasting.

86 in stock

Huile Essentielle de Litsee Citronnee Bio Suisse


The richness of Lemon Litsée in limonene, geranial and neral explains its multiple virtues. Soothing, deodorant, anti-inflammatory and stimulating, it deserves in more than one way its name of essential oil.

Sovereign remedy for nervousness

In diffusion, but also in external massage or by internal way, the essential oil of Lemon Litsea promotes relaxation. It relieves nervous ailments such as anxiety, stress, nervousness, insomnia or restlessness. Its composition allows it to act both on the central nervous system, and as an anxiolytic.

Vasodilator, this exotic little flower can also help limit hypertension. This same virtue allows it to stimulate blood circulation and reduce cellulite!

Digestive stimulant

Its fresh fragrance precedes its effect on the body. Lemon Litsea essential oil is indeed one of the most stimulating!

Its digestive properties are well known to aromatherapists. A few drops diluted in a massage oil, or a drop placed on a neutral tablet, allow you to gradually relieve heaviness in the stomach, gastric acidity or even inflammatory colitis. Stimulating the digestive sphere, it also helps you regain your appetite.

Skin toning

The astringent properties of Lemon Litsea make it a purifying and anti-inflammatory tonic for many skin problems. Be careful, it should never be used pure, but always diluted at the rate of one drop of essential oil for 8 to 9 drops of vegetable oil or cream.

It acts on many skin conditions, from eczema to oily and acne-prone skin, including mycoses and all inflammatory disorders. These same anti-inflammatory properties that allow it to block joint and muscle pain of various origins. Attention athletes, who will be able to enrich their massage oil with arnica!

86 in stock

We select for you organic and high quality essential oils.

From the plant to the preparation, we are committed to a quest for excellence in all stages of the creation of essential oils.

The result of a meticulous selection, the objective is to offer you a “nectar” in each bottle.

“Each essential oil is a sensory journey which must  reveal the treasures of nature. “



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